Advertise your job vacancy!

Would you like to advertise your open position(s) on a website that prospective employees are consistently viewing for open employment? For less than $10 per month, you can advertise your job posting on our website. As a bonus, we will also post it to our multiple media outlets.


Direct Placement Staffing

Do you have direct hire positions but don’t have the time to search through thousands of resumes? We are here to help! Our direct hire contracts are cost efficient for all company levels. Contact us for a quote and invoice!

Temporary/Contract Placement Staffing

Have a specific project that needs to be resolved but your current employees have a full plate? Maybe your company is expanding and you want to hire workers for an introductory period so that you can monitor their work habits. Regardless of the need, we are here to assist you with your staffing needs. Contact us for a quote and invoice!

Higher Education Trainings

Studies show that offering free educational training such as Microsoft programs, telephone etiquette, customer service pointers, and more can improve your company’s overall performance. These trainings provide knowledge to your employees that they will use to improve their job performance which provides an added layer of protection for your clients. Contact us to discuss our programs, receive a quote, and obtain an invoice.