Graduation Equals New Endeavor. What does your resume say about you?

Tis the season of GRADUATIONS! What an amazing feeling to receive recognition for your years of hard work and dedication! As a college graduate, you have put in the time it takes to receive knowledge from your professors on your field of study. They have taught you topics from how to govern yourself in a business meeting to how to read signs of a person suffering from substance abuse. Your professors have done all they can to provide you the knowledge to obtain a successful position to jumpstart your career. What does your resume do for your career? Does your resume showcase the amazing internship you completed? E.A.S. highly recommends reading the article below before promoting your resume. It’s safe to say that hundreds of graduates spend hours of time and countless months seeking employment. It’s great to complete college to obtain the knowledge for your career; however, the next obstacle is creating a resume that will showcase that knowledge to encourage prospective employers to give you your shot. Employment Assistance in a Snap is here to provide that professional resume. We want the employers to see that you are amazing in every aspect. Contact us so that we can assist you with the next step in your career.

Is your resume your biggest enemy?

The employment search process can be extremely tedious and tiresome; however, landing the job of your dreams or a source of income for your family is rewarding. The most important element of employment searching is your resume. Many people do not understand that your resume alone can either open or close doors when recruiters are reviewing tons of other resumes. Your resume is what sets you aside from the hundreds sometimes thousands of other applicants. Think about approximately two recruiters having to review hundreds of resume submissions for maybe five positions. What does your resume say to make them select you for your initial interview? In some cases, it is what your resume does not say that intercepts your process. Check out these resume tips and tell us what you think.