Is your resume your biggest enemy?

The employment search process can be extremely tedious and tiresome; however, landing the job of your dreams or a source of income for your family is rewarding. The most important element of employment searching is your resume. Many people do not understand that your resume alone can either open or close doors when recruiters are reviewing tons of other resumes. Your resume is what sets you aside from the hundreds sometimes thousands of other applicants. Think about approximately two recruiters having to review hundreds of resume submissions for maybe five positions. What does your resume say to make them select you for your initial interview? In some cases, it is what your resume does not say that intercepts your process. Check out these resume tips and tell us what you think.

About Author: LaTarsha Towers

I believe firmly in financial freedom which is why I developed Employment Assistance in a Snap. I provide the tools and resources to obtain a career and not just another job. Our services are resumes, cover letters, career search assistance, and work at home consultations. Check us out! You won’t regret it!

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