Employment Assistance in a Snap was designed to assist with obtaining financial freedom through employment placement. We specialize in creating professional resumes to generate the first impression to which employers are seeking. We are designed to be the link between a qualified candidate and their next career.

We also serve as the remote recruiting source for employers. We offer an array of perks to advertise their available positions and suggest suitable candidates for vacant positions. Why should you spend hours shuffling through resumes when we can do it for you?

Whether you are an employee or employer, contacting E.A.S. is at your beckoning call. Our company is here to assist by providing the ability to obtain employment with ethical companies or to obtain ethical employees. Our rates are extremely competitive. Feel free to browse our automated job postings, post a job to our website for your company, or post the employment position to which you are seeking to our website. You can also contact us to speak with an experienced member of our staff via email at admin@employmentassistancesnap.com or phone at 469-616-0JOB. We are looking forward to your business.